Stop Wasting Your Time Learning To Code

Your time is better spent learning how to ask questions and describe desired outcomes.

Travis Hubbard
4 min readMar 18, 2023
Photo by Yosep Surahman on Unsplash

Remember back in 2002 when we were able to charge $400k for a website that hit a database? Those were some amazing times, and I’m glad I put that money away.

But the game changed right?

Companies found out they could hire developers from India, Pakistan, and Russia and pay them pennies on the dollar compared to US-based software developers.

Now developers across the globe are being challenged as well by a new threat.

Artificial Intelligence.

AI-powered coding tools.

If you’re an observer: Stop asking yourself when AI will be able to write better code than the average programmer.

That day is here.

If you’re an “aspiring developer” and think you’ll be able to earn a living as a pure HTML/CSS web developer, you need to rethink your approach.

Learning HTML, CSS, and JS is great fun, and there is value to it, but thinking that’s all you’ll need is naive.

Ask yourself this: If a tool can write better code than I can, what can I do to remain professionally relevant?



Travis Hubbard

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