Post-Pandemic Career Survival: Leadership Techniques

4 earth-shattering quotes from incredibly effective leaders.

Travis Hubbard
4 min readAug 6, 2022


The business world is facing serious challenges: financial constraints, collapsing markets, supply chain backlogs, and a dearth of skilled and dedicated workers.

Being a people person, I note the things leaders I work with say to their team to motivate them to consistently do more with less.

When I hear something special, I write it down and ask them a few questions in an attempt to get a look inside their head.

I don’t want to limit myself to the “whats”, I want to know the “whys”.

I hope you find as much value in their words as I do.

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Facetime is paramount in this organization.

Since I’m unable to create value from a distance, I need you all in the office so I can monitor your performance.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years collecting plaques, coffee cups, and trinkets from the various projects I’ve worked on. I need someone to drop in at least once a day just to say “Hi!” and take a look around or I might as well have thrown all of this shit in the dumpster when I moved into this office.

Have a seat, take a cookie or a piece of candy out of the bowl on my desk. You know I leave that there as bait right? Way more effective than hanging around the coffee pot because here we can look like we’re working.

Oh, and seriously, don’t ask me anything or get too technical about what it is you’re up to. I have NO fucking idea what’s going on and I don’t need you exposing that. It’ll make me uncomfortable and be bad for our relationship.

I firmly believe value is created by being seen regardless of your true impact on the organization.

I don’t care what you did over the weekend.

Did anyone watch the Caps win this weekend? I was there, company suite, catered and everything. It was absolutely killer.

Oh, that sounds amazing, I watched it on TV. The next day we rounded up all the kids and went down to…



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