I’m Back

And it’s about damn time.

Travis Hubbard
2 min readJul 23, 2023

Funny how you can dive in head first, get accustomed to the environment, discover an amazing community, and think you’ve finally landed somewhere worth staying.

But when you wake up in the morning nothing looks the same.

Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen on Unsplash

Was it just a dream?

No, it wasn’t.

We were all here, grinding every day. Some published daily, others stuck to a schedule all their own.

Everything started to look the same, chasing that elusive online revenue stream.

Playing the system and cranking about soulless stories that didn’t deliver on the promise of the clickbait headline that wasn’t allowed to begin with.

The long walk.

I rolled back to my first love. She’s always been good to me.

Silent. Strong. Full of life 24 hours a day.

Her short form often leaves me in the mood to crank out more. She eventually gave it to me, but long-form writing there seems stupid.

Why not drift back to this platform that provided the resources to feed me, buy me enhanced tools, and provided some nice vacations?

A better question popped into my head: Why not both?

A welcome change.

I got an email that essentially said:

OK we mean it this time, no more nonsense, and clickbait is dead!

An obvious plea for real writers to return.

Not that I’m a real writer, but you get the point.

I gave it some thought, and here I am — refreshed and ready to go.

I try not to clickbait you, but no promises.



Travis Hubbard

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