I Grew My Hair Back, My Penis Is Huge, and I Lost 53 Pounds

Thank God for spam.

Travis Hubbard


A carefully crafted email list is a license to print money. Anything less is a waste of your money and my time.

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You know what I’m talking about right?

I had no idea that so many women were trying to reach me. Or that I had relatives in Australia that wanted to add me to their will. Or that taking one pill a day would morph me into Eros (backed by science).

It truly is a Wonderful World!

Tasty, salted meat aside…

Spam is a problem.

Just this morning I got an email from a business owning, Lambo driving, friend O’mine that said if I could prevent all this shit email from landing in his inbox he’d pay $500 a month as a subscriber.

Spam and keyword filters do a decent job, but they don’t get it all. It’s an interesting problem that I don’t want to waste too many cycles on.

So I’ll do what I can on the other side: the sending side.

Don’t send unsolicited emails. It’s a waste of your money and my time.

On the flip side: send solicited email.

WTF is solicited email? It’s when a user has agreed to receive emails from you by opting into your list.

If you’ve built up an email list over time through your blog, Twitter, or other content platforms then you’re sitting on a potential gold mine.

Why email?

Because email is the #1 way to monetize your readers by making them aware of affiliate offers, your own products & services, subscriptions, etc.

But not just any email.

Email that reaches your audience.

Build your list the right way.

Let’s pretend a person magically stumbles across something you’ve published online.

You have them for a few precious seconds before they click away.

As a writer that has studied the craft, you know what to do to keep them reading.



Travis Hubbard

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