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Common sense writing on mindset, motivation, and making money.

The same story has been unfolding since late 2010: my most promising hires all move on within 3-5 years, sometimes sooner. Just this month my best engineer quit on me, although not entirely unexpected.

After having pulled my ass out of a few fires over the past 18 months, she’s…


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I’m clearly insane. Right?

Maybe. But I’d rather set seemingly insane goals for myself as opposed to ones that I know I can knock out. Goals you know you can accomplish aren’t goals, they're just tasks, and while tasks get the job done they don’t force growth.

Go big or go home. Set insane…

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Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve loved earning my own money. Paper route, pizza delivery, lawn mowing, etc. My goals were simple, make enough money to buy the crap I wanted that my parents (rightfully so) wouldn’t waste their money on.

As I grew older, I had similar…

I’ve cleaned up my feed considerably through the liberal use of the “Block this author” menu option. I don’t even want to pretend it’s something I gave much consideration.


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I’ve been preparing for this my entire life. I know I’m not alone because I have met people like me.

Alone (but not), remote (but connected), individuals (on a team).

It’s time for us to do our thing and take over the world of work.

Brash, Disrespectful, and Impatient.

For no particular reason, I…

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I’m an anomaly within my organization. The only reason they haven’t thrown me out is that I literally can’t be fired, and that annoys the Holy Shit out of a bunch of project managers.


Because I value my team over the stuff we’re tasked to build.

I’ve been doing…

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We are bombarded with messages telling us that fear, distrust, and hate are more common than love and it is destroying the world one person at a time.

Many words in common, everyday use have been overridden with some meaning to fit a narrow set of objectives.

To use those…

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I don’t want to read more content. I want to read something that feels like a real story, written by someone that comes across as a real person.

I know others are craving it as well.


Because the unpolished stories that I don’t edit all that much are getting…

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Asynchronous remote work scares the hell out of some execs and those mid-level managers facing irrelevance.

But it doesn’t have to be scary for anyone. It has worked well for many years in the creative and knowledge industries. …

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I’d roll with my Grandfather when he would go collecting from his commercial accounts. He owned the largest waste management company in the area at the time and business was booming.

Every visit to a customer site was the same. Pull up to an office trailer, stomp up the stairs…

Travis Hubbard

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