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An interested observer, and occasional contributor. I write about mindset, motivation, and making money —

And I know I’m the reason, but I refuse to change.

The same story has been unfolding since late 2010: my most promising hires all move on within 3-5 years, sometimes sooner. Just this month my best engineer quit on me, although not entirely unexpected.

After having pulled my ass out of a few fires over the past 18 months, she’s accepted a position as the Director of Software Engineering with a killer company just south of Washington, D.C.

So once again, I am sorting through resumes, looking for that perfect candidate.

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I was annoyed the first time this happened. After spending 5 years turning a new college grad into someone…


It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

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I’m clearly insane. Right?

Maybe. But I’d rather set seemingly insane goals for myself as opposed to ones that I know I can knock out. Goals you know you can accomplish aren’t goals, they're just tasks, and while tasks get the job done they don’t force growth.

Go big or go home. Set insane goals for yourself and even if you fall short you’ll still have made progress. Physical, mental, and financial.

In this post I discuss breaking seemingly impossible problems down into manageable chunks, how I apply this technique to my financial goals, detail my plan to generate an additional $100K, and walk…


It’s harder than you think, but not difficult at all.

I’ve read many stories about entrepreneurship and making money on Medium, written by people with amazing profiles, and impressively actionable calls to action that take you to nice websites used to collect my email.

Just yesterday I read one, and left a simple comment: “Are you a millionaire?” which drew some attention, but no response from the author. Another reader responded to my comment and pointed me to where I could read more about the author of the story.

I’m not here to bash anyone, I’m here to read and learn. But if I’m spending my precious time trying to…

Aim small, miss small.

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Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve loved earning my own money. Paper route, pizza delivery, lawn mowing, etc. My goals were simple, make enough money to buy the crap I wanted that my parents (rightfully so) wouldn’t waste their money on.

As I grew older, I had similar financial goals: make enough money to put a little away each month for a down payment on a house, be able to make the house payment, buy a car, take a vacation now and then, etc.

Nothing wrong with that.

In my early 20’s, I learned that I’d been thinking…

A tale of misplaced energy.

I like writing more than I like reading.

Yes, I know that if I read more I’d become a better writer. But what if I’m happy the way I am?

I also know that if I studied virality, paid more attention to SEO, and followed trends, I’d bump the likelihood that more of my articles would pop.

Turns out that when I do spend time doing these things my articles lay as flat as a warm fish and that is frustrating as all hell. I also don’t have as much fun writing articles like this because they feel like work. …

Wait, what?

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For the longest time, I considered self improvement akin to polishing a turd. We can try to shine that thing up all day, but in the end it still just going to be a little dull and stinky.

My mind was opened after being introduced to people who are really into the self improvement game. I read their articles, a book or two, and have even talked to some of them.

Being authentic is just me being me right?

Well, yes, but with all the institutional bullshit that has been crammed into your head, do you even know who you…

If they had any secrets they sure as hell wouldn’t be sharing them with you.

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I get it. I’m a blogger and love traffic, so I know why there is so much activity around cryptocurrencies.

I spend hours every week researching hot niches in a quest for clicks and dollars. It’s what led me to start blogging about Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) back in 2014. You couldn’t watch TV without seeing a FanDuel or DraftKings commercial, and what good commercials they were too.

I can win a million dollars picking my favorite players and entering a $25 contest? Hell yes, take my money.

There were quite a few DFS blogs at that time.

Now it…

So I decided to create a career that made me happy.

Career is a funny word, particularly when used in combination with progression, as in career progression. The traditional notion is that one starts with an entry level job, works their way up The Ladder, until they eventually land a sweet upper management job.

Having been raised and schooled in these traditional notions, I used to keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities to bump up to the next level.

It all went well until I hit an obstacle that mentally derailed me, ultimately resulting in me deciding to just go it on my own.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Scott want’s to see you.

Our team was creating a…

We’re living in a world of boiled frogs.

In polite society we’ve learned to hold our tongues and it’s time for that shit to stop.

Have you ever heard something, or been treated in a way, that made something inside you — your heart, brain, or whatever, jitter?

Like you wanted to say something back to the person in an act of defense?

That’s a scaled down version of your ancient survival mechanism and you need to pay attention to it and take action.

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The new young female engineer.

We have a summer intern that started last week. …

No, really.

Regardless of the environment, you can tell when things just aren’t right and something needs to change.

Pure observation, but my experience is that the warnings are always there.

Writers on Medium started seeing their earnings tank and they wrote about it, and apparently a lot of writers had that problem because my feed was clogged with that shit. I had to whip out my digital plunger to push it all through. Now that I think about it, that’s what Ev Williams did when he recently changed things up.

But why did views and earnings tank across the platform?


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